Monday, December 12, 2016

Making Puerh Tea an Asset in Your Life

The terms “assets” and “liabilities” are commonly used in association with managing financial wealth and investments. For the financial manager the focus is solely on the ins and outs related to cash flow. In the case of puerh, once you have incorporated tea into your life the benefits goes beyond financial wealth. As a puerh enthusiast and collector for well over a decade I believe that the values that can be gained from tea have a deeper and more meaningful impact but the choice is ours whether to embrace them.

There is no doubt that the unique quality of puerh tea to appreciate in value with time provides an opportunity for financial returns. This is especially true for those who are knowledgeable and have the resources to pursue tea at a high level in line with market demands. However unlike other financial instrument that simply adds to the balance sheet, puerh tea can offer so much more than just monetary gain. Through understanding and dedicating ourselves in the right way we can reap the greater benefits and deeper worth that make puerh tea an asset in everyday life.

Educated tea drinkers recognize that each tea session is a lesson and a reminder for focus and attention to detail. By embracing each sip and through the enjoyment of each tea, these observations lead to an appreciation of the beautiful and wide ranging characteristics that tea offers. Furthermore good tea can heighten both our physical and mental functions leading to the well being of our body and spirit. Regular and long term drinking of good tea brings contentment and an awareness of our body’s needs alongside the comforts that can be found from the restorative and curative effects of tea. Good tea when enjoyed amongst friends and like minded people unifies and provides a heartfelt experience that fills the soul. It is a lesson of heart and giving as well as in recognition of the rewards of sharing with those who are humble and appreciative. The long years and pitfalls of storage needed for maturing puerh tea teaches us patience and perseverance to overcome obstacles and losses. Good tea inspires and elicits in us a desire to cultivate a better self and to pursue a healthier lifestyle so that we may become more worthy to receive and better appreciate the wonderful gift that is tea. It is by learning and embracing these values that puerh tea becomes an asset in your life.

Happy New Year and see you in 2017! VP


  1. Where do you suggest people sell their puerh assets?

  2. The term asset used under this entry wasn’t intended to be focused on selling tea. Selling is a very personal business and the type of product, quantity, location and individual expectation means that things need to be assessed on a case by case basis. I would advise that people with the intention to financially invest in tea for the future need to be prepared. By that I mean have a plan, buy accordingly with the market in mind and understand the target group. Those who buy haphazardly without doing their homework are likely to find it challenging at best.