Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Natural Fermentation – Local Black Mushrooms (Hed Tup Tal)

In Thailand these mushrooms are locally known as Hed Tup Tal (aka เห็ดตับเต่า) and if there was to be a mushroom version of puerh tea this local delicacy would be hard to beat. Very much in line with ripe puerh tea, Hed Tup Tal possesses an intensely dark color that varies from brown to black and despite their strong appearances both have gentle and mild characteristics. The mushroom tastes mildly earthy with a deep mushroom flavor.

The rainy season is coming to an end here in Thailand and I was fortunate enough to come across the last harvests of these local mushrooms. Whilst being very fresh these mushrooms will deteriorate very quickly and must be processed within the day. Hed Tup Tal is a meaty mushroom with firm and dense flesh (especially after cooking) similar to button mushrooms like the baby champignon but considerably larger in size. I look forward to seeing how these mushrooms will turn out.

Diced pieces of the cap and stalk of the mushrooms are fermented in salt brine.


  1. Do be careful, mushrooms can have trace toxins that are not removed in the fermentation process but must be removed beforehand by heating. Polish-style fermented mushrooms are made by first pouring boiling water over them and soaking for an hour or more before jarring in brine.

  2. Thank you kindly for the warning Cwyn. I did play it safe with this batch and boiled the mushrooms beforehand. Having seen mushrooms eaten raw in food documentaries I would assume certain types are regarded as safe uncooked.