Tea List

In memory of good teas.

Puerh Tea
1970s Hung Thai Chang
1980s CNNP Special Production (Big Tree)
1980s Bamboo Wrapped Melon - NA
1990s Brick Tea (Ripe)
1990s Private Production (Light Wet Stored)
1990s Menghai Green Label
1990s Menghai Orange Label (HK Private Commission)
1990s Black Puerh with Orange Peels
1992 CNNP Special Production (Yiwu Spring Tips)
1996 Purple Dayi (1st Production) Menghai Tea Factory
1997 Loose Leaf (Dry Storage)
2001 Simplified Character Cloud Menghai Tea Factory
2001 Yi Bang Yi Chang Hao
2003 Chienyun Red Dayi Menghai Tea Factory (Ripe) - NA
2003 Purple Dayi Menghai Tea Factory
2003 Millennial Old Mini Teacake
2003 Six Mountains Ban Zhang - NA
2003 Six Mountains Yiwu
2005 Gan En (Ban Zhang)
2005 Gan En (Nannou)

1950s Liu An Sun Yishun
1970s Liu An Sun Yishun
1960s Chong Shi Cha (aka Worm Tea)
1970s Fuzhuan Brick (People’s Unification Tea)
1980s Ti Kuan Yin 
2008 Hung Shui Dong Ding (Taiwan Oolong)


  1. I am really interested in the 1990's Menghai Orange label. mrmopu.

    1. Hello Mr Mopu,

      If you enjoy shicang then I believe you will enjoy this tea. In my opinion this 1990s Menghai Orange Label (Private Comms) is a very good representation of the 90s HK storage. Sweet, rich, smooth deep dark flavors with notes of talcum powder. I have a full review planned for around the end of Feb 2015.

      I am currently working on articles and tea reviews concerning older teas during China’s turbulent period under Chairman Mao Zedong. This will be the theme for most of Feb as my mind and senses are currently tuned in towards Civil War, Cultural Revolution, Liu Ann, Fu tea.