Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Brewing Tip – The Benefits of Double Steeping


To “Double Steep” is to consecutively steep the tea twice, combine the results before subsequently serving the tea. It is a simple practice that has many benefits when utilized in the right way. Here I share a few common situations that can benefit from double steeping and thus enhance our enjoyment of tea.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Handcrafted Incense – Age Nerikoh Balls

Dear fellow Tea Enthusiasts,

I have recently completed a small batch of Nerikoh incense. I am making available a portion to my readers interested in using the beautiful aroma to complement a tea session, meditation, and for relaxation. I started making this batch in January of 2017 so it has taken me 1 year to complete. This unique and high quality incense presents a rich and purity of scent that can only be credited to the quality of the raw natural materials and traditional process. Heating one little incense ball will provide scent to a small room for easily over an hour. This batch of Nerikoh incense was intentionally crafted with the potential for long term aging and with time the aromas will transform and mature into something very special.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Understanding and Appreciating the Qualities of Age Tea

Very old Guang Yun Gong teacake, 40+ years old

An increasing number of tea enthusiasts are interested in age tea and have started collections with the hope of nurturing and aging their own tea. Being a tea collector myself of almost 20 years I can attest that it is a wonderful and fulfilling hobby. In this article I would like to share my experience through what I have encountered with the process of aging and the qualities that are enjoyed in age tea.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

UPDATED 6 Jan 2018 - Special Offer for the Holidays - Puerh Sale

Happy Holidays

* The 2003 SFTM Ban Zhang is SOLD

I have added 2 semi-age gushus, the raw material comes from older big trees. Both teas are from 2005 and produced by the Gan En Factory, the famous Ban Zhang teacake and Nannuo (a hidden gem) are listed below. These teacakes are old style gushu productions that I would highly recommend. There is a unique charm to these teas and if you have not tried a worthy gushu from this time period (before the exploitation and profiteering really took hold) it is worth exploring. These are teas that will provide you with a reference point and insight to the changes of gushu puerh during the last decade. The comparison of old and new is timeless. In this case it goes well beyond the age of the tea but touches on the practice of environmental exploitation, profiteering and new trends that have become hotly debated as being for better or worse. What is inescapable is that changes have occurred and that modern gushu puerh tea is no longer what it once was under today's increasing pressure of commercialism and capitalism on what was once difficult to access primitive land that supported naturally growing tea trees. Both these teas will take you back in time and provide you with a glimpse into the quality from the past. Experience the "old flavor" through the depth, the fullness and richness in taste, aroma and feel of these teas.