Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Comparative Exploration of the Old & Modern Style of Puerh Gushu - Early Stage of Ageing

Gushu raw material is the most highly prized and sought after for puerh tea. The raw material is harvested from big trees that can be well over a hundred and even a thousand years old. Old gushu represents a natural origin of tea leaves that is rich in nutrients, possessing a depth of character and layered in complexity making the characteristics of old gushu very unique and compelling. The transition from the old to modern style of puerh gushu is representative of the changes within the industry shaped by time, the limitation of natural resources against growing demand, changing traits to entice growth into new markets, new technology and the pursuit for quick profits.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Complementing a Tea Session with Japanese Nerikoh Incense

Heating a Nerikoh ball (Japanese Incense) on charcoal. The strong projection of aroma is enough to scent a small room and create a nice ambience for a tea session. A nice complement to the appreciation of age tea.

Tip: Flatten the Nerikoh ball on the mica plate creates more surface area to heat contact and prevents the ball from rolling freely across. Allow a layer of ash to form on the charcoal before placing the mica plate and incense. This helps to buffer the heat and prevents burning and strong acrid smoke.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Educational Series – The 3 Eras of Liu An Tea

The 3 Eras of Liu An Tea is an experience that spans a lifetime. A period of over 60 years of Liu An tea history is captured in these ancient leaves and old baskets that hold them. The story of this renowned and at times forgotten tea is told through the magical brew that connects us to the people and the times of each era.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Brewing Tip – The Benefits of Double Steeping


To “Double Steep” is to consecutively steep the tea twice, combine the results before subsequently serving the tea. It is a simple practice that has many benefits when utilized in the right way. Here I share a few common situations that can benefit from double steeping and thus enhance our enjoyment of tea.