Saturday, June 1, 2019

Tea Session - 1960s Liubao (HK Storage)

The age appearance of the 1960s Liubao tea

The history of Liubao can be traced back to China’s Qing Dynasty. Many sources credit the production of liubao tea as being the origin for the practice of “wet pile fermentation”. This process would transform the tea’s astringent character through warmth and humidity, inducing a unique course of fermentation that would result in a soft and mellow tea. The process of wet fermentation would later be carried over to puerh tea and altered leading to the production and emergence of ripe puerh tea in the early 1970s.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

1990s CNNP 7581 Brick

“7581” classic ripe puerh tea from Kunming Tea Factory.

The different batches of 7581 produced can be hit and miss when it comes to quality. I find this particular batch to be one of the better ones. The age is noticeable making for a considerably more refined and pleasant experience. I enjoyed the touch of sweetness and creaminess in the brew. This is enhanced by a pleasing soft mouth feel and clean characteristics. Notes of talcum, Chinese medicine, soft wood a hint of minerality and earthy tones make up this well balanced brew. Drinking this tea feels pleasantly soothing and comforting on the body.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Educational Series - Comparative Tasting of Old & New Ripe Puerh Tea

Gong Ting (aka Golden Needle) is a special grade of RIPE that contains a high content of buds. Only select batches of ripe puerh tea is made in this way. The light brown shimmering on the teacake represents small buds that give a unique appearance to this special grade of ripe puerh tea. LEFT: 2010 Golden Needle White Lotus Menghai TF RIGHT: 1990s CNNP Private Production Gong Ting

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Tea Session – 1980s Menghai Tea Factory (No Cover)

This 1980s teacake was obtained from Taiwan. The period touches on the trade friction between China and Taiwan following the historical conflict that saw both embroiled in a Civil War. Traders in Taiwan resorted to sneaking in Chinese goods by removing any obvious labels that could be traced back to the mainland. This puerh teacake and many others during the period would as a result have their outside cover removed as they were transported.

1980s Menghai Tea Factory productions are rare and the top batches command a small fortune at tea auctions. Whilst this teacake does not represent the best from the period it is a very decent example of an old Menghai tea and is still very expensive. I decided to add this tea to the - Free Tea Samples Catalog - to celebrate the start of 2019 and the launch of the new catalog. The teacake is not overly wet stored and retain sparks of liveliness amidst a dominant dark and age character. Despite its age the tea remains potent, possessing a certain vigor. It is these traits and the proven age worthiness from the lineage that makes the old production under Menghai Tea Factory (before the 2004 takeover) popular amongst tea collectors invested in long term storage.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019 New Section - FREE TEA SAMPLES


I am excited to introduce the Tea Samples Catalog to the blog. As a tea lover I have always enjoyed having access to new teas and collecting new experiences to cultivate and improve my understanding of tea. I hope to deliver both under this section and add greater value to tea enthusiasts who make their purchases here. The highlights include tea from Menghai Tea Factory, Wisteria Tea House, Yang Qing Hao, Douji, Essence of Tea and many more.

Starting 2019 I am making available these teas that come from a part of my collection. The list below is an assembly of various teas from my many trips to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore in addition to online ventures spanning almost 20 years. There is a wide and diverse range of teas to be found. As I bring more out from storage new installments will appear. There are some real gems in the mix. If you have a sharp eye combine with a good sense for spotting good teas you can add considerably more to your tea order. Have fun discovering new teas!