Saturday, January 25, 2020

Educational Series – A 70 Year Journey of Huang Pian

The Educational Series is a genuine opportunity I am offering to my readers to learn about the different aspects of age tea. You have read the descriptions. Now you can share in the experience!

Huang Pian (aka The Humble Leaf) belongs to a modest category of puerh tea. Comprised of older and less aesthetically pleasing tea leaves, the tea offers a pleasantly simple and mild brew. Huang pian makes for an affordable daily drinker and throughout history the consumption of the humble leaf has quenched the thirst of multitudes of tea drinkers. For those who enjoy drinking puerh tea, this sample set offers an opportunity to experience huang pian like never before. The 3 tea samples take you on an amazing journey that spans 70 years. Experience Huang Pian as a 1) YOUNG puerh tea, gain 2) SEMI-AGE nuances after 20 years of natural ageing and then finally reaching its 3) MATURITY after over half a century of ageing. Each stage provides a uniquely different experience and yet despite the gap and changes that have come with time the thread that connects them all is undeniable. Let us celebrate the simple beauty of the humble leaf - Huang Pian

Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Beauty of Hong Kong Traditional (Wet) Storage

VIDEO: Capturing the splendor of age puerh tea nurtured under HK traditional (wet) storage

Hong Kong traditional (wet) storage is an often misunderstood category of tea. A lot can go wrong during the process and different batches vary greatly in quality. Finding traditional stored puerh tea done well offers a beautiful soft and mellow brew that is rich and deep in taste whilst retaining a level of complexity. The 1990s Menghai Orange Label (HK Private Commission) ranks amongst the best traditionally stored puerh tea that I have had the pleasure to drink. Placed under wet storage conditions for several years, the development of the teacake was not rushed ensuring that an even transformation occurred throughout the teacake. Awakening the leaves with boiling hot water releases fragrant aromas of talcum powder, age florals and wood accompanied by a heavier concentration of dark and age expression. The brew is rich and opulent, offering a thick mouthfeel with a pleasant sweetness and layers of age nuances. As the tea opens up, dark TCM emerges, dates, red wood, resins, vanillin, minerals within an array of dark organic herbs and root. The tea is warm and comforting, and as I focus on the full cup in front of me I am very content.

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Special Offer for the Holidays - Puerh Sale

A special treat for the holidays. My best wishes to all for the New Year in 2020. 

I have been thinking about offering something special in commemoration of my 20th Anniversary as well as for the end of year holidays. As I selected one old tea after another, this became the ultimate deep dive into the world of age tea. The Zen Collection is a truly unique opportunity to explore the category of age tea like never before. I have included historic teas from each decade starting from the 1950s to 2000s with tea samples representing a wide range of categories.

Take part in this PROMOTIONAL OFFER and receive 30% DISCOUNT. Simply REPOST this entry or SHARE your experiences through reviews/comments on IG/Blog/Facebook. Furthermore the cost of this sample pack can be redeemed upon the purchase of any item of tea on this list in the form of a full teacake/basket or to the amount of 300g in weight for loose leaf and large items. The promotion covers all items under the Zen Sample Pack.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Photo Set - 1970s Fuzhuan Brick (People’s Unification Tea)


The rise of Chairman Mao Zedong and the early rule of the Communist Party in China is a monumental part of Chinese history. The 1970s forms part of a chaotic and transitional period in China that has always moved me. For me the rough and broken leaves aptly represent the hardship and struggles of the people facing poverty, famine, violence and internal strife within a changing society. The fact that these humble tea leaves have evolved and elevated their status and quality is a message of perseverance and hope. Having a tea session with these old leaves reminds me to be appreciative of all that is around me and thus I find the matured notes of ginseng, age tobacco and old wood that have evolved to be all the more rewarding.

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Saturday, October 12, 2019

20th Anniversary Celebration & Giveaways

Full teacakes and bricks giveaway with your purchases.

20 years is a long time but looking back time really does fly when you are doing something you love. In 2000 I became immersed in the world of puerh and age tea. It became a single-minded pursuit that opened up a new world, taking me on the path of a deeply fulfilling journey that created amazing memories, opportunities and experiences. As I approach my 20th year as an avid tea collector and trader I am celebrating this landmark by making further additions to the FREE TEA SAMPLES CATALOG.  To mark this momentous occasion I am giving away full teacakes and bricks from famous brands and regions such as Menghai Tea Factory, Douji, Wisteria Tea House, Essence of Tea, Yiwu, Gua Feng Zhai, and (+-) 20yo age teas. Each item can be identified and assessed by their respective photos. For those with a sharp eye for age and quality, this is a great opportunity to seek out your tea treasures.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Photo Set - 1950s Liu An Sun Yishun

Capturing the grandeur of old tea. Presenting a close up look at the beauty of the 1950s Liu An Sun Yishun and the historic pursuit for excellence. Premium leaf material combined with meticulous care in production and over half a century of maturation. This dark, heavy, sweet, viscous brew unfolds with layers of complexity that makes for a delectable experience.

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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Through the Lens - Photo Collection 1

Appreciating the visual beauty of the tea leaf. A close up look at the beauty and transformation of various type/category of tea from different regions, at varying maturity of age, induced fermentation under the process of production and subsequent storage.