A warm welcome to The Guide to Puerh Tea!

The main purpose of this blog is to provide guidance to tea enthusiasts seeking to better develop their understanding of puerh tea. The content within is targeted at those whose eager dedication and passion are dancing on the line of being highly enthusiastic but have yet to crossover towards becoming irrationally fanatical and zealous. I mean this in a purely puerh way that eventually leads to enlightenment, of course!

I am but a humble and I stress the words “highly enthusiastic” tea lover who started his journey with puerh tea in 2000. It was a turning point that led to the discovery of new found contentment, happiness and improved physical well being. During the start of my journey I was a keen seeker of information and spent much time pursuing knowledge and answers in countries that were known to have historical significance and to contain key trading centres for puerh tea, namely China, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. These wonderful adventures abroad provided an invaluable learning opportunity that I will gladly share here. As a bonus feature on occasions you can read my inspirational insights on utterly random issues every time I imbibe the essence of a 30+ year old tea nurtured by time.

The Tea List section on this blog is provided as an additional resource. It serves to make accessible quality puerh and other aged teas that are not readily available on the international market. The benefit I envision would come from learning comparatively by using these teas as reference points to conduct side-by-side brewing with other teas you may already own (ideally within groups, each under a different criteria).

If you are interested in obtaining samples or a teacake please contact me by email at varatphong(at)yahoo(dot)com

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