Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2005 Gan En Nannuo

The Nannuo is one in a series of famous regional production by the Gan En Factory in 2005 focused on sourcing raw materials from older big trees. When compared to its more famous and loud big brother that is the Ban Zhang, the Nannuo comes across as the good little brother. The Nannuo is good-natured and pleasant. It is a well rounded, smooth and calming tea that if left to cool slightly the brew thickens and develops a deep sweetness that spreads to the back of the throat. By all expectations as the Nannuo continues to develop in maturity and becomes more settled, I expect to see a more focused age character accompanied by depth and elegance.

Additional Note: After a somewhat sporadic and perhaps experimental phase of big tree (gushu) productions in the mid to late nineties, the puerh industry came to recognize the superiority of gushu raw material in the early 2000s. Thereafter the following 5 years became noted for the first big wave of big tree production that saw tea factories compete aggressively for gushu raw materials. The low yields and newly recognized quality of gushu material compared to plantation material swayed market demands overwhelmingly in favor of gushu and initiated a large price division between the 2 categories (that had not existed prior). As a result the years from 2000 to 2005 will be remembered as the emergence of gushu teas and a start towards a better appreciation of a truly unique and distinctive ancient variety of tea made from the leaf of big trees that can be several hundreds and even over a thousand years old.

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