Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Beauty of Yixing Teapot 2 – Buddha’s Hand

This teapot was shaped to resemble the fruit Buddha’s Hand (aka fingered citron or bushukan in Japan). Buddha’s Hand is a member of the citrus family of fruits. It possesses an oily rind that is zesty and refreshingly aromatic. In Asia the fruit symbolizes good fortune and is often used for displays at home and in temples as a means of bestowing happiness and long life.

After experimentally brewing with this teapot for a year I have decided to dedicate it towards steeping age traditionally (HK) stored puerh tea and on occasion shou/black puerh. The dense clay and thick wall of the teapot retains heat exceptionally well and imparts a softness and depth to the brew that is suitable for the darker characteristics of puerh tea.

Note: The pictures were taken after a brewing session and as a result there are visible wet areas.

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