Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Natural Fermentation – A Bad Batch

A Bad Batch - After 2 months this batch became slimy, forming clusters of floating matter and reeking of a sour and putrid smell. The taste was quite stomach turning and horrible.

A few months ago I sourced fresh baby cabbage and garlic. I started with high hopes but sometimes nature doesn’t cooperate and things don’t work out. This year’s summer was intolerably hot making the conditions very detrimental towards fermenting cabbages. Added to this I believe this batch somehow got contaminated along the way resulting in a bad fermentation.

A promising appearance with fresh cabbages and garlic in a tea brine solution before things deteriorated.

It is important to be reminded that a batch of fermentation can go south at any given time and thus it is prudent to regularly monitor your storage space and ensure appropriate cleanliness and hygiene in all areas. The consumption of bad molds and bacteria is toxic and dangerous to human health. Take caution and if in doubt play it safe.

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