Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tea for All Occasions - Tea for Life

Throughout history and in our everyday life the act of drinking and offering tea can have great meaning. Tea is used to welcome guests, make new friends and to form lifelong pacts by creating a relaxing environment for which to converse and build understanding and relations. Tea as a drink quenches thirst offering nourishment to sustain life. Tea as medicine can cure and ward off sickness. Tea brings focus and alertness to the mind heightening concentration for meditation and prayers. Tea channels our thoughts towards finding inner peace and solutions to life's problems. The art of tea teaches us patience and awareness. It reminds us to use our senses and intuitions, to experiment with new ideas and to strive for progress and improvement. Tea is ingrained in many cultures and has become a part of festivities and ceremonies. It is used to pay tribute and in remembrance of historical events and persons that provided us with knowledge and direction, shining light in times of darkness.

Drink tea!


  1. Tea can be a thing to make friends all over the world. It can cross the barriers of cultural divides and bring understanding to those who seek the power that is embedded in this tiny leaf. it can make good conversations and good friends if the journey is heeded for all it can offer.

    1. Hello Mr Mopar,

      Indeed, sharing the same love and passion for the leaf creates a common ground that all tea enthusiasts have by association. In makes for a wonderful connection and easy conversation that can turn strangers into friends.

      Best, VP