Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Learning to (Re)Wrap a Teacake

Learning to wrap a puerh teacake is an easy and useful skill for puerh tea enthusiasts. It not only serves as a first line of protection that you can provide for a puerh teacake but it can be used to convey good manners and that you are an educated tea drinker when you are out at an event or in a teashop browsing through various items. The act of re-wrapping a teacake that you have finished inspecting shows consideration that more often than not will not go unnoticed by the shop owner or sales person. A competent teashop owner is generally very observant towards everything that goes on in his shop. Being able to identify good tea for the shop is just as important as being able to identify customers who are serious tea drinkers for the purpose of knowing what kind of tea and at what quality should be offered. Educated consumers who know how to present themselves positively and are able to express a good level of knowledge and understanding will stand a better opportunity at sampling higher quality teas.

O To begin place the teacake in the centre of the wrapping paper on a flat surface.

O Take one corner of the wrapping paper and pull it to the centre of the teacake.

O Using your thumb and forefinger pull the edge of the wrapping paper with your right hand to the centre of the teacake and collect the excess with your left hand. Each pull will create a small fold on the teacake. Work in a clockwise direction until you have made your way around the teacake.

O Gather the excess wrapping paper in your left hand while ensuring that the wrapping paper covers the whole of the teacake in a tight and neat manner.

O Twist the excess wrapping paper in a clockwise direction to form a knob.

O Push the knob into the middle indentation of the teacake to hold the wrapping paper in place.

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  1. Great tips. I'd always wondered what the best way to re-wrap a beeng is. I always tear the damn paper.

    1. Hello Geoff,

      Hahaha, we have all torn the wrapper at some stage. Happy to know that the information was useful.

      Best, VP