Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Natural Fermentation w/ Honey and Banana

 Day 1: Sliced elephant bananas preserved in raw honey

“Fruits were often dried, but a far more tasty method of preserving them past their season was to seal them up in honey ... Honey had been used as a preservative for thousands of years”, excerpt from the article Medieval Food Preservation - Keeping food edible for months and even years during the Middle Ages by Melissa Snell

The magical property of honey to keep fruits from spoilage is something that I fully intend to test out. The effects this method of preservation will have on the banana with regards to the changes in texture and flavor will be reported here in the months ahead. Meanwhile one can be contented with passing the time with slices of banana honey preserve as starters whilst being mindful to ensure a few pieces are kept for future evaluation :)

Ripe elephant bananas do not exude much aroma but are great eating and very filling. One large fruit can easily constitute as a meal. The flesh is sweet, succulent and dense. Enjoying them whole in their natural state allows you to appreciate the mild, delicate and very pure taste. As you continue eating the taste becomes stronger and there is a depth to the flavors like no other banana I have encountered. The feeling reminds me of gushu tea leaves and how the brew can present soft and mild characteristics yet with a strong and deep flavor.

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