Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tips for a Tea Session - The Usefulness of Huang Pian

Huang pian consists of lower grade large tea leaves that are broken, yellow and at times not too well processed. For this reason the humble huang pian is often overlooked by tea enthusiasts but this soft and mild mannered tea has many practical uses that can contribute towards the greater appreciation of tea.

Before starting a serious tea session I like to brew a few steeps of huang pian to enjoy. It is a trial run of sorts that allows me to check both the equipment and water for cleanliness, purity, ideal temperature before moving on to more serious teas. Being a forgiving tea getting a good brew out of huang pian is not difficult. Drinking a familiar tea that is simple and mild mannered also allows me to awaken and test how well my senses are functioning without complications and leaving behind any lingering effects. During a tea session whereby many teas are often brewed and drunk consecutively it can be useful to reset the senses at intervals when one tea has finished its course and the next tea is about to be introduced. Tea that is strong and potent will often linger in the mouth and can be detrimental to how we experience subsequent brews from a new tea. By taking a few sips of huang pian during these intervals the gentle flavors of the brew can help to clean the palate and reset the senses in readiness for the appreciation of the next tea to come.

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