Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mixed Drinks - Ripe Puerh Tea w/ Honey

Whilst I am a purist at heart, in life there are exceptions and the combination of ripe puerh tea and honey (+ milk is optional) is so delicious and comforting I will happily accept a cup to slowly sip and savor. If you have a sweet tooth and you enjoy ripe puerh tea I highly recommend giving this a try. Additionally it is a great way to introduce ripe puerh to new tea drinkers. The honey sweetness provides a familiar note that most people can relate to and makes ripe puerh tea much more approachable for the uninitiated.

Brewing a cup of ripe puerh tea from an age Gong Ting teacake. The pollen from the honey gives the tea an orange hue. Be sure to brew the tea stronger if you decide to add milk.

Generally any decent ripe puerh mixed with a spoonful of honey will make for a very good cup of tea. However as this is a blog entry, I decided to make things more interesting by using age ripe puerh together with forest honey I picked up in Cambodia. The honey was gathered by the local people and crudely filtered allowing much of the pollen to remain. The bees wax and bits of unknown and mystifying matter are an added bonus and provide an unexpected source of protein. That said, the complexity of the honey is wonderful and having so much pollen in the mix is a treat as it adds a wonderful floral creaminess to the tea when stirred in. As the honey can easily dominate the tea I would advise to start with adding a little honey at first and taste. It is better to err on a lesser quantity than having added too much.

A Taste of the Wild - This Cambodian honey gathered from the wild is as raw and natural as I have come across. Despite appearances the taste is clean, very rich and complex. The taste gives you so much more than simply sweetness with the spectrum of flavors reaching out to touch on aspects of bitter, sour, earth, medicinal, floral and more. For me wild honey such as this really illustrates the diversity and complexity that nature brings for our enjoyment.

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