Tuesday, May 5, 2015

1990s Ying Kee (Old Tin Carton)

This tea was given to me by a friend over the weekend. It is an old tin carton containing loose leaf puerh tea from Ying Kee Tea House based in Hong Kong. The tea has been kept for what is believed to be well over 10 years… its history, original ownership, date of purchased, etc long forgotten with the passage of time. As my friend has a preference for other types of tea I became the fortunate recipient of this tea.

The company Ying Kee has changed a great deal over the past decade as they expand their business through the pursuit of a younger generation and becoming more international. This old tin carton with the traditional design is a reminder of a different period of time in the company’s history. I suspect the tea is possibly from the 1990s. It is a simple classic, a well aged black puerh tea that is commonly drunk alongside Chinese dim sum to help counteract the oiliness of the meal. I have a soft spot for such teas as I grew up eating dim sum and drinking this kind of tea during my childhood.

With the overcast sky and high humidity, it is not a bad day to brew this kind of tea.  The tea presents a simple profile that combines soft medicinal flavors, earthiness with age characteristics. The taste is mildly sweet however the real appreciation comes from drinking in the feeling of comfort that envelops the body and mind through each sip of the age brew and allowing myself to revisit childhood memories. It is an opportunity to relax and rest for a short while before continuing on with life’s journey.

Additional Note: "Ying Kee Tea House was established at Guangzhou by Mr. Chan Chau-Ying in 1881. It was so called YING KEE in the name of Mr. CHAN. For business development, Ying Kee Tea House opened outlets in 1950s and set up her own workshop in Hong Kong in 1960s.", the text is sourced from the website

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