Thursday, August 19, 2021

Tea Session - 1997 Loose Leaf (Dry Storage)

Close up of a heavily kneaded tea leaf showing traces of dried sappy residue and micro-activity.

Thursday, July 8, 2021

An Observation of the Ageing Process Beyond Tea

I found this to be an interesting video and wanted to share it with those interested in the ageing process. The ageing and maturity of fine wine holds many similarities to puerh tea. The 2 categories are recognized and highly appreciated for the resulting maturity of their products however what is less discussed is that the capacity to improve over time does not apply across the board. Furthermore it is only a limited quantity of the overall production under each category that has the potential to stand up to long term ageing from which the most sought after and prized transformation takes place.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Nature of a Takeover

The world of fine tea, wine and whisky holds many similarities from connoisseurship and appreciation, to the challenges in retaining the identity of a specialty product under the pressure of growth and expansion from within the business. I firmly believe that we should not limit ourselves to only our respective field, much can be learnt and new perspectives gained by broadening our horizons. For those who are interested in the pros and cons of a takeover (or simply the hard commercialization of a business) and the impact on product quality under the push towards mass market appeal, this insightful recollection of the Glendronach whisky company will bring a sense of deja vu to many veteran puerh tea drinkers. For those who are starting out on their tea journey it will shed light on why it is so very important to empower ourselves as educated consumers.